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StrategyProspect The Research Center of Dental Implants affiliated to Isfahan University of Medical Sciences intends to take key steps towards improving the quality of researches in dentistry and knowledge-creating and prepare the way for transferring the related knowledge with the aim of developing the research activities in the field of dental implants and the dependent biomaterials.MeasuresDental Implants  Research Center tries to play a major role in promotion of the scientific and research position of the center in the national and international level in accordance with the sustainable development of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the improvement of dental public health in the society by educating and empowering the researchers of dental sciences as well as creating & transferring the knowledge based on the needs of society in the field of basic and clinical sciences of dental Implants.This center is seeking to be known as one of the reference centers of the country for determining the standards of dental implants and standardizing the import & production process of implants.The center has accepted some values as its core values in doing the duties and achieving its goals, including the tendency to participation, accountability, honesty & trusteeship, observing intellectual property rights and observing medical ethics and it has a strong commitment to execute them.Goals ü  Empowerment of researchers in the field of dental implantsü  Establishment of reference laboratories in the field of dental implants and related biomaterialsü  Establishment of clinical research center of dental implantsü  Attraction of international grantsü  Pavement of the ways for cooperating with the valid national and international centers in the field of dental implants